Prismatic Possibilities

Exhibit Design focusing on fabrication and exploration. 


Prismatic Possibilities

Exhibit Design | installation

Making has gone beyond 3D printers, CNC routers, and laser cutters, challenging previous methods through algorithms and parametric design, while exploring the unknown with virtual reality. These resources are expanding our curiosity by offering opportunities to research specific design challenges while testing the limits of what this new set of tools can do.

This exhibit highlights how Sasaki engages communities, builds partnerships, supports research, marries digital and physical design, and continues to grow and develop. Each project highlighted touches on aspects of materiality, accessibility of scales, and the importance of the process of design. 

The visual identity sprung from focusing on the process of failure and risk-taking as it applies to design methodologies. The 'glitch' language was derived from a series of glyphs that were randomized to provide a sense of movement and play. The palette was inspired by test cards, utilized in television broadcasting to show activity but not content, alluding to the ideas of prototyping and iteration. 

Work completed while at Sasaki. Photos by Matthew Arielly.